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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry also known as aesthetic dentistry is a broad term given for all dental treatments that improve the appearance of one’s teeth and gums. Your Smile is most important in every individual’s life. Smile is one of the first thing you notice when you meet someone and also first thing that impress someone. Smile is not only about the lips, but also the teeth and gums behind it, including the jaw line. A set of crooked, yellow and chipped teeth will certainly be a subtraction from the face, no matter how attractive one looks. A great Smile conveys Health, Happiness and Vitality. Everyone is not born with sparkling white teeth, but with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry one can change the shape, size, arrangement and Color of their Teeth. Today's Cosmetic Dental technology can transform a less attractive mouth to a beamy and glowing smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry is primarily provided by Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Endodontists. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing, our dentist can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth. Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers and reshaping and contouring, these improvements are not always just cosmetic. Many of these treatments can improve oral problems, such as your bite.

Cosmetic Dentistry is required in a wide range of situations, some of them includes:
  1. Missing Teeth
  2. Irregularly arranged teeth
  3. Stains present on teeth (eg- Flourosis, enamel hypoplasia)
  4. Chipped/Broken tooth
  5. To protect a weak tooth like after Root Canal
  6. Teeth too short or too long

A cosmetic dentist can help with At The Dental Specialists India, we have highly experienced cosmetic dentists that provide these treatments. DrKiransSmileGroup provides the latest cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve the looks of your smile. We have a team of specialist cosmetic dentists who can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile. Our Cosmetic dentists help with replacing missing teeth, reshaping of teeth, restoration of teeth, bleaching etc. We have branches in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.